My Story

5 ½ years ago my ex-wife told me that she was starting her Scentsy Business.  She informed me that she was using the product for quite some time and that she loved them.  Her and our 2 young boys would send me packages during the holiday and I fell in love with them myself.  I love that the products are safe and the best quality you can find.  I always look forward to the holiday because I knew what I was getting from them.  My ex-wife knew how much I enjoyed Scentsy products and told me how great the Scentsy family is and wanted me to start my own little business myself.  Well as we all know, men can be very stubborn, and I was one of them.

I was jealous and envied her but ALSO proud of her because she was able to be a stay at home mom with our 2 young boys and attend many of their events.  She had independence and flexibility with her schedule because of Scentsy, not to mention her home ALWAYS SMELLS SO WONDERFUL.  Scentsy allows you to run your business on your time and in your own way a long side with your family.  There is no script, no uniform.  It is a very simple concept, all you have to do is share the fragrances that makes people happy. 

So just the other day, October 23, 2016 I was on the phone with her again.  Of course she talked about her business with Scentsy again, she is quite persistent.  Well this time I wasn’t as stubborn and decided to join her team.  I am extremely excited about his opportunity that she has given me.  Now I can share the great product that Scentcy has to offer.  When she and the boys would send me some of the fragrances I was always so excited because my house would always smell so wonderful, but I would only get them on either my birthday or Christmas.   Well they never sent enough to last the whole year.  When I would run out, I would go to Walmart and stores like that and buy other products.  What I was finding out though, was the waxes I was buying where lasting for only a week or so and I was wasting so much money.  Now that I have decided to join her team, which I must admit, has been very successful, I can now have Scentsy products in my home YEAR ROUND plus have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that she and her Scentsy team has been for the past 5 ½ year.  She told me to “Dream Big” because Scentsy has made her dreams a reality.

What can a Scentsy business do for you?  Contact me today. Let’s explore how we can make your goals and dreams a reality.

The only negative about joining her team is that now my 2 sons have to figure out something else to get their father for his birthday and Christmas.


Eugene Celli

Independent Scentcy Escential Consultant